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This SPAC – Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation- intends to establish new ways of producing international and emerging markets movies by providing complete film set technical support. It provides shooting trucks and expertise to produce in a modern way with latest technology. In fact, its shooting trucks are equipped with the cutting edge of technology and its experts are constantly researching and inventing new technologies.

Welcome to Cine SPAC,

This is where we redefine the craft of filmmaking. We at Cine SPAC are highly focused on establishing new and breakthrough ways of producing films in both international and emerging markets. Our goal is to revive the ways films are produced and brought to the big screens. We aspire to provide our partners with the sheer power of innovative technologies to coproduce award-winning films.

And this is precisely why our team of experts strongly believes in continuous improvement. We strive to develop and improve through conducting ongoing research and inventing new technologies.

Collaborate with us to get access to complete film set technical support from start to finish.

Quality Co-Production Assistance

With us, you enjoy and benefit from quality co-production. When you collaborate with us, rest assured that your films are executed with precision using top-quality technologies that take the production of films to the next level. Our reputation in this area is unparalleled, and today, we offer a range of specialist technical support tailored to your needs. No matter how complex or challenging a situation may be, you can achieve the director’s vision with the utmost ease with our complete film support services. With us, film shoots are managed to your exact needs and preferences.

Wide Range of Latest Technologies

We assist you with them all by access to the latest and cutting-edge technologies for filming to pre- and post-production. Cine SPAC has a team of experienced experts who can help you with every aspect of the pre-production process. You can count on us for all your production support needs.

With years of experience, industry knowledge, and access to the latest technologies, we know what’s vital to make a successful production. We can provide your company with complete support services as per your requirements with complete satisfaction.


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Partner with us for your new venture and use the most recent and innovative technologies to produce films like never before.